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Piano Moving or Relocation services- How It Works


our questions before starting piano moving or relocation services

Before sending us an inquiry, prepare the following information and then send it to us:

  • The exact loading and delivery addresses
  • On which floor is the loading place located?
  • On which floor should it be delivered?
  • Are there additional stairs, even if only a minimal number on the both of addresses?
  • Is there truck access at both addresses?
  • Are the stairs wide enough?
  • Is there a proper elevator at the addresses?
  • Is lifting equipment (crane) required?

Once we have gathered all the necessary information we will give you an offer. In most cases it is final. In some cases it may be indicative because there are situations where we need to visit the addresses in advance. The reason for this is some peculiarities and subsequently arising problems that have to be foreseen.

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Planning and done

Once you approve our quote, we will plan the moving process together. Our team of professionals with huge experience will be at your place on the agreed day and time and will make sure everything goes without a problem. Please take your time and let’s plan accordingly.

What we offer?

Local relocation of pianos and grand pianos

Piano relocation from address to address in a local town or area within one to three working days.

International piano relocation moving pianos and grand pianos

The service involves piano relocation from one country to another. Customs handling and preparation of export documents (if applicable). Our partner: KlavierArt.

Long Distance relocation and carrying of pianos and grand pianos

If you are moving to another city and a piano is part of your future plans, then “Piano relocation” service is for you. Relocation of  your piano from one address to another in different cities.

Packing and preparation for transport of pianos and grand pianos

Complete preparation for piano transport – packing, preparation sizing, special packing for international transport. Customs representation and document preparation.

Local moving services

Developed to facilitate the efficient and seamless relocation of customers within a defined local area, minimising the challenges associated with moving.

Commercial moving services

Designed to Enable businesses to relocate smoothly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to operations during office or retail relocation.

Long distace moving services

Customized to offer individuals and families reliable long distance moving solutions, ensuring a smooth transition when relocating to a distant destination.

International moving services

Developed to facilitate the international relocation of individuals and businesses, ensuring a safe and efficient transition to a new country or location abroad.