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The world does not stay in one place and waits for no one. He is evolve and this does not depend on us. However, from us depend on to give you a good price, make and deliver your shipment, without disturbing your thoughts on how the world is changing, regardless of our and your intentions and desires!


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Our over 25 years of experience in transport and moving of pianos and grand pianos

Make the right choice for moving your home, office or property

Our FTL and LTL specialists are ready to meet every need for international transportation and forwarding

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Fast delivery

Within 48 hours delivery to anywhere in EU. We're ready to deliver your piano, personal belongs or havings within 48 hours of loading. Piano Trans is part of a network from piano transport and relocation companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Austria and Eastern Europe. Thanks to this we can be extremely expeditious and fast.

Preparing for transportation

Whether we transport a piano, grand piano, personal shipment or furnishings from your house, we need to make sure that everything is packed with a safe and reliable package. In many cases, we can also offer packing and preparation for transporting of your shipments. Our specialists are able to disassemble bulky furniture, pack them and undergo transportation. Of course, also in the reverse order, we can also assemble them after transport.

Feedback to the Customer

Our customer service center is at your disposal. You can always contact us and get information about your shipments. With each client individually and together we plan his transport by providing to him with our delivery schedule and always we inform him to know where we are, when he can to expect us. Under compelling situation and force majeure, we respond immediately and return feedback to the customer.