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Piano movers with high quality expiriance. If you need an transport, relocation of your home, office or other property, moving of grand piano and carryng or you have express cargo call us as soon as possible. We will take care for everything.

We have all the equipment need to move your piano or grand piano. Our well-trained professionals are ready to do what they can, to get your favorite piano wherever you exactley want. We have the opportunity to use a crane for hard to reach places. You can see in our gallery. We have innovative techniques, and we are part of a network that can deliver the piano from Europe to Australia and from Asia to South America.

We also make professional relocations of your home, office, production or other property. With our fleet of 4 trucks, we can carry over 150 cubic meters of cargo in one time. If that is not enough, we have the opportunity to immediately supplement the fleet with additional trucks. We carefully pack all your belongings, each is described in a protocol and carefully loaded at the designated place.

You are in the the right place and you are more than welcomed to leave your contact info. We will contact You very shortly

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    Piano movers – get in touch with us

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