Partners and network

If you need to transport a piano or grand piano from one point in Europe to another, you are in the right place. PianoTrans is part of the European Piano Transport Network. It is no problem for us to deliver your instrument to every point in Europe at the best price.
All our partners have experience and are the best in the industry.
If you have a request for transporting a piano or grand piano for any country or to any country, do not hesitate to contact us.
Part of our partners are listed below as well.

Our partners

Piano carring services from pianotrans
Piano carring services from pianotrans
Piano carring services from pianotrans
Piano carring services from pianotrans

Our expertise

Within 48 hours delivery to anywhere in EU. We’re ready to deliver your piano, personal belongs or having within 48 hours of loading. Piano Trans is part of a network from piano transport and relocation companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Austria and Eastern Europe. Thanks to this we can be extremely expeditious and fast. No matter, when and at what time, we can react in a timely manner.

Whether we transport a piano, grand piano, personal shipment or furnishings from your house, we need to make sure that everything is packed with a safe and reliable package. In many cases, we can also offer packing and preparation for transporting of your shipments. Our specialists are able to disassemble bulky furniture, pack them and undergo transportation.

Packaging is one of the most important things. We offer reliable packaging for your tools, which guarantees their delivery as the instrument, as is taken from the loading address. We use certified plywood, meeting all requirements for maritime and air transport. Packed like this, pianos and grand pianos can be transported through all the networks of different forwarding companies or local piano companies.

Our primary goal has always been to keep the customer happy. And not only that, we strive to leave lasting friendships behind. We strive to leave the satisfaction of the job well done, not only in ourselves but also in our partners. Despite the difficulties sometimes, we always strive to find the right solution and to resolve any situation that may arise, at the lowest possible cost and risk.