Relocation and packing services

Home and Office Relocation is an importan proces. Whether pianos, grand pianos, personal belongings, furniture and more must be properly packaged to be preserved during handling and transport.
Packaging is an additional service and it is paid separately from transport.
Secure and reliable packing of personal belongings when moving home, office, shop or just something valuable for you is crucial for carrier.Home and Office Relocation – Choose from a large range of delivery methods and options. Before we make you an offer you will meet for a consultation with our specialists in packaging and transport

Let us help you save money and additional headaches. Relocation Packing Moving – We have special packing instructions of pianos and grand pianos, which correspond to the CMR convention.
Our transport units have CMR insurance.
We can insure your cargo with additional cargo insurance.

If you want to find out how much it would cost to transport or move your home or office or store, please press the bottom button and fill the inquiry or request form.

Преместване на багаж
Преместване на багаж
Преместване на багаж
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